Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skandal Seks & Perlindungan Anak

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Casting Another Stone

Two things happened today that made me proud.
The first one, we're being featured by a new television show. I can't give out too many detail on the show yet as this is only the pilot episode, but they're doing a feature on women who blog and Fashionese Daily was chosen to be presented as the main story. It is not the my first appearance on TV. Being a PR, I had my fair share on being in front of the camera, mostly talking about some campaigns I was running. But, this is the first time a TV show/station does a story on us and our little company and I can't help but feeling proud.
Anyway, the TV crew even came to the office today to get some shots of our work place and ambiance, because they wanted to show the audience what it is we do, where do it and how. Our office is still pretty small but we tried our best to make it look nice and you know what? I think we did a great job. The office looks bright, vibrant, stylish and a little quirky - just like the personalities of the people working inside :D and I'm pretty sure the cameramen didn't notice the cracks on the ceiling and I should also add: thank God it wasn't raining hard! Har har...
The second thing, we finally got our bank account as a company today. This may not be a big deal for some people, but for us, who have been giving everything we've got to this business, it's a milestone. Like my partner, Hanzky, said on her tweet today: it's finally official. We are now operating under PT Daily Dinamika Kreasi. Yep, a company. Our own company.
2 years ago, I was only dreaming about it. And I let go of all that is secure and comfortable in my career with only a blog, a forum and a few millions rupiah in the bank to hold on to. Now we're an 'official' company with a nice little office which is going to be featured in a TV show for one of Indonesia's most prominent TV station.
Excuse me for wanting to gloat a little ;)