Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mazda2 Advertorial on Her World

I should've posted this last month but..(insert any excuse here)

This was published in Her World August '10 issue. There was a series of Mazda2 advertorial published in several glossies last month, each featuring a different City Stylist. I was floored when they asked me to be in one of the advertorials. I have gotten some press coverage before, but never before have I been featured in an advertisement in any way.

Anyway, the photo shoot took a lot longer than any shoot I've ever been in before. Naturally, because it was an advertisement, everything needed to be perfect; from the composition, the lighting, the way this amateurish model posed :D - all those things to make sure the beautiful Mazda2 was represented in the best way possible. It was tiring but I was happy with how the advertorial turned out. I think, not only did it portray the car as a stylish car for young, city people - but the ad also pretty much displayed what I do correctly. I felt like seeing the "real me" (even if it's a slightly technologically-enhanced version of me) instead of a staged, 'wow-you-are-so-fabulous', surreal persona we often see on advertisements.