Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tantangan 7 Hari

It started with a joke where the girls at the office were teasing each other about #misi21. My friend Venita Daben had sent us greentea cheesecake because she is baking a cheesecake every single day for 21 days, as part of her #misi21, a challenge program initiated by career coach, Rene Suhardono. I love baking but I can't even imagine having to do it every single day for almost a month!
Anyway, we thought, it's actually not bad idea to give us challenge like that, but 21 days is too long for us :D so we decided to just do it for 7 days straight.
The idea is to do something that you've been meaning to do but can't find the time/will to go through with it, or something that can be considered going out of your comfort zone. After toying with several ideas, including reading one Mira W novel every single day for 7 days (I know, insane right?), I decided to choose something I've talked about doing for the longest time (including in this blog): exercising!
Yep, I will exercise for 30 minutes every day for 7 consecutive days. I just finished my first session this morning and it was a piece of cake :D I decided to do yoga, which is something I used to do on my own and am familiar with, and even got Aluf to move with me :D so the first day of my tantangan #7hari went smoothly. But I guess it's easy because my schedule is quite relaxed today. The real challenge would be tomorrow, where I have to take Aluf to preschool trial in the morning, followed by work and a launch event in the evening. How am I going to slip a 30 min workout during that crazy day is something I need to figure out. Soon.
Anyways, it would also be fun to see how my friends will do on their challenges. Hanzky will write 1 post a day on her blog, Amal will not be drinking coffee for 7 days straight (she's nuts about coffee!), Vanya will come to the office at 9 am sharp, Syita will stay out of fried food while Farah will not be eating meat. Lita, who usually wears only black hijab, will start wearing colored ones for 7 days and Ita, the intern, will wear flats everyday, something she says she can never do. Rizka, who is very new to makeup, promised to wear full makeup everyday for the next 7 days! The fun thing is, once our friends heard about this challenge, lots of them want to go on board too!
So will we all succeed in our tantangan #7hari? Who will be the first one who gives up? Stay tuned! :D
Ps: If u also want to join and keep track of everyone's progress or wants to report your own, visit this thread on our forum :)

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