Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day to RRRRemember

Just like other toddles, Aluf had a hard time pronouncing the letter R properly so she simply replaced them with L. To me, it was the cutest thing ever :D Her speech has been pretty clear so to hear her saying 'Mama, aku lapel nih' was just really adorable. I remember my brother also had trouble with his Rs and it wasn't until he was in Elementary School that he began to say it correctly. So I thought I still got to enjoy Aluf's 'cadel' for a few more years.

But this girl is so determined to move fast ever since she was a baby *sigh*

A few weeks ago, I noticed she started to pronounce R differently. It wasn't the usual L, but more like the English pronounciation of R (kayak bule gitu deh ngomong R-nya :D). My mom noticed it also and said 'She's gonna nail it soon'

Well earlier tonight, I was reading to her Little Mermaid before bed and she started chatting about Ariel and her friends. I caught a very clear and pronounced "R". I told her "Hey, you can say R!" But that made her self conscious so she couldn't do it again. I pretended not to pay attention to her speech (though I was dying to hear more of those Rs) so she'd relax and it worked! A few minutes later she started saying "Nanti bonekanya aku suruh berrrrrsih-berrrrsih dan aku suruh tidurrrrr" and I was flabbergasted.

My baby girl is pronouncing "R" correctly!

I called my husband, got my cellphone and started recording it. She was so proud of herself when she realized she really could pronounce R correctly (I think it just hit her) and she said every word I asked her to say that contains R. After a while she started to show off by adding Rs to words that don't even contain the letter R :D

And now I'm filled with pride and... a slight sense of loss. You may think I'm nuts but I'm sure other parents can understand it. When your child moves on to the next stage, you're happy and proud but it also means she no longer does the things she used to do in the old stage. Things you love so much about her. It's gone, forever. And it's making me teary-eyed just thinking I'll never get to hear 'olang besal' from her little mouth ever again.

And if I'm this emotional about the letter R, can you imagine how it's going to be like on her first day at school? Don't want to even think about it!

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