Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tantangan 7 Hari

It started with a joke where the girls at the office were teasing each other about #misi21. My friend Venita Daben had sent us greentea cheesecake because she is baking a cheesecake every single day for 21 days, as part of her #misi21, a challenge program initiated by career coach, Rene Suhardono. I love baking but I can't even imagine having to do it every single day for almost a month!
Anyway, we thought, it's actually not bad idea to give us challenge like that, but 21 days is too long for us :D so we decided to just do it for 7 days straight.
The idea is to do something that you've been meaning to do but can't find the time/will to go through with it, or something that can be considered going out of your comfort zone. After toying with several ideas, including reading one Mira W novel every single day for 7 days (I know, insane right?), I decided to choose something I've talked about doing for the longest time (including in this blog): exercising!